BOOM: American Legion Post To Hold NFL Jersey Burn Party

Todd Starnes

A Maryland American Legion post is hosting a National Football League jersey burning on Sunday. The burning will commence at 1 p.m. at Post 17 in Edgewood.

A member of the American Legion post called the Todd Starnes Show on Wednesday to invite the public to drop by their NFL hats, jerseys, photos and any other memorabilia.

The American Legion members are beyond disgusted by the NFL’s decision to promote and support players as they disrespect the national anthem and the American flag.

If NFL players can dishonor the military, I reckon the American Legion can barbecue NFL merchandise.

Caller Fred told the Todd Starnes show they plan on building a big bonfire to send a message to professional athletes.

He said they would be burning “mostly Ravens shirts.”

Another one of our callers suggested it might be more environmentally friendly to shove NFL jerseys into a wood chipper.

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